I’ve heard about shows being warned that if they were renewed, they’d need to cut costs and I’ve heard it in regards to several different shows on different networks.  But I’d not heard any kind of blanket slashing across all of a network’s shows as Nikki Finke is reporting:

I’ve just learned that CBS has demanded that each existing TV show — even the hit ones — reduce their budgets for next year, if renewed. This may mean smaller writing staffs. – read the rest on Deadline Hollywood Daily

In the good old days it seemed like show budgets increased as they extended their runs.  These clearly are not the the good old days, but across-the-board cuts for CBS’ renewed shows would surprise me.  None of the shows I’d heard being asked to cut budgets would be deemed hits (except by the PR and advertising departments).  The cuts I’d heard about were in the range of 5%-10%.

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