I received the following e-mail:

You say you like DAMAGES, but you’re nothing but a hater!  You twist the numbers and say that BREAKING BAD has more viewers, but DAMAGES airs multiple times and is available ON-DEMAND, and when you add it all up, DAMAGES has more viewers!!!

I’m definitely not a hater, I just don’t get very emotional about the numbers, and the above writer (and sentiment) is wrong if I look at the actual data.   Because like Damages, Breaking Bad airs multiple times too, and is available On-Demand.   While I have no access to the on-demand numbers for either, I doubt that it currently represents a significant % of viewing for either show (even though that is the way I watch both!), though I would love to see the data.  But when it comes to Nielsen ratings data, the comparisons seem pretty fair and no matter how you slice it more people are watching Breaking Bad.

Show Net Day Time Avg Aud (000)
BREAKING BAD AMC Sun 10:00P-11:00P 1,294
BREAKING BAD AMC Sun 11:00P-12:00A 665
BREAKING BAD AMC Fri 10:30P-11:30P 546
BREAKING BAD AMC Wed 12:00A-01:00A 367
BREAKING BAD AMC Sun 01:00A-02:00A 326
total of average viewers 3,198
DAMAGES FX Wed 10:00P-11:03P 890
DAMAGES FX Sun 11:00P-12:03A 520
DAMAGES FX Wed 11:03P-12:05A 485
DAMAGES FX Fri 11:00P-12:03A 388
DAMAGES FX Wed 01:04A-02:00A 192
total of average viewers 2,475
Breaking Bad Average 639.6
Damages Average 495

One commenter noted that Damages is apparently very popluar in the UK, drawing numbers that are definitely bigger than the initial airing in the USA, but I haven’t seen the actual data so I can’t confirm that.

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