Across ten networks (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, TELEMUNDO, UNIVISION, CNBC,CNN, FOXNC, MSNBC) last night’s State of the Union address averaged 52.373 million viewers between approximately 9:oop-10:30p ET.

The household rating/share was 32.5/49.   The address was significantly more watched than last year’s which averaged 37.5 million, but significantly trailed the 2003 address (before Iraq) that averaged 62.06 million.

The address also trailed both Bill Clinton’s first State of the Union in 1993 (66.9 million) and  barely trailed Clinton’s pre-impeachment address in 1998 (53.077 million).   But it was wel ahead of George W. Bush’s first address in 2001, which averaged 39.79 million.

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