From Variety.

According to data released by research company SNL Kagan, pay TV subscriptions actually grew by 836,000 in the fourth quarter last year.

In fact, Kagan reported that Showtime alone added 330,000 subscribers during the period, bringing its total to nearly 16.5 million.[…]

HBO, which has by far the biggest subscriber base of any premium net, saw its sub count remain essentially flat during the fourth quarter at around 29 million.

Starz, meanwhile, posted an increase of about 315,000 during the period to 17.7 million.

Kagan attributed the gains to the growth of telco-based TV services, which have added 3.4 million premium TV subscribers over the last year as satellite and MSOs have experienced slow growth.

That quite interesting. I don’t have any long term subscriber data to compare that with, but premium/pay cable’s share of prime-time viewing has been on a fairly consistent downtrend for sometime. I’ll see if I can find some numbers on the long term subscriber trends.

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