As a result of posting our contact number on the web site, I do receive a sprinkling of phone calls.  Generally they are from reasonably sane and nice people looking for specific information, but sometimes it’s people who find our web site and then mistakenly believe we are something other than what we are – a site mostly about TV ratings.

There’s always the stray call for “I don’t think you should’ve cancelled Moonlight,” or “Why did you cancel Kyle XY!?”.   Once there was some guy who made fine leather artwork and was looking to have it showcased on the CBS Morning News.

Fortunately usually these calls wind up in voice mail.  In fact, I let almost everything go to voicemail usually, but every now and then I pick up the phone and  get one of three types of regularly occurring wrong numbers.   These are calls I’ve gotten more than a handful of each of over the last few months:

1.       Some kind of complaint about FOX News or MSNBC or O’Reilly or Olbermann.  Nobody ever calls about Larry King though.

2.       Actual future Nielsen homes calling US to cancel/reschedule an appointment to have Nielsen equipment installed.  This is scary on the level of, OK, these people will be Nielsen homes, and they couldn’t figure out who they needed to call?  On the other hand, sadly 46 years of life and a lot of anecdotal experience lead me to believe Nielsen is proportionately modeling its panel correctly based on the larger population

3.      And my favorite!  Young women looking to be cast in future cycles of Oxygen network’s The Bad Girls Club. Most of these have gone to voicemail too, but I’ve taken a handful of the calls live.  Apparently there is some path where if you search for casting on that show through Google you either wind up on a site listing our number, or on our site, which lists our number.  Were I a younger man by the second such call I fielded it would have been, “Yes, this is casting for Bad Girls Club.  Why do you think you should be cast..”  Sadly, I am not a younger man.

I just got another Bad Girls Club call, and the one striking thing to me is that those looking to be cast as bad girls are extremely polite when compared to the people complaining about FOX News, MSNBC, Kyle XY being canceled or rescheduling a Nielsen installation.

To be clear, we can’t help you with cable news, rescheduling Nielsen, uncancelling your favorite show, or casting you in reality shows.  But we kind of wish that we could.

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