San Francisco TV columnist  Tim Goodman has a rundown on bubble bursting renewal prospects for this season’s shows and mostly, probably our index jibes with his picks:

Castle,” ABC. Look for a renewal here.

Some commenters certainly agree with him. Based on the recent ratings trends, we’re not nearly as confident.

Chuck,” NBC. It had two seasons to become a hit and didn’t. Odds are that NBC will give up on it. The variable in any discussion about NBC is this: The network doesn’t have a lot going for it. When you’re in fourth place (in what is essentially a four-network race), you either feel grateful for mediocre ratings or you toss everything on the fire.

So instead of renew or cancel, for Chuck it is perhaps “Grateful, or tossed on the fire.”  Bill always says NBC is not in a position of being choosy, but with the Leno situation, NBC seems like it will need to be choosier than normal.  We’ll see in about two very long weeks…

“Dollhouse,” Fox. Conventional wisdom says no way; the ratings are terrible and creator Joss Whedon didn’t have the best relationship with Fox. But if there’s a miracle in this pile of shows, it could happen right here.

The keyword there is “miracle”.

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