Alan Sepinwall has a post up singing the praises of Chuck.   Although Alan complains early, and often when it comes to the whole “will they or won’t they” nature of Chuck and Sarah’s relationship (and I completely agree with him!), a dose of Chevy Chase and Scott Bakula and tonight’s episode seems to have reenergized Mr. Sepinwall (and hopefully, the show, too!).  I’m certainly looking forward to tonight’s episode.  Here are some of the very nice things Alan had to say about Chuck:

1. “Chuck” is the most purely entertaining show currently on television, whether you’re talking network or cable.

2. Tonight’s episode features both Chase and Scott Bakula, and you don’t need me to tell you how awesome they can be in the right context — which this decidedly is.

3. Television in general and NBC in particular would be a much sorrier place if “Chuck” isn’t around next season.

4. If you’ve ever trusted me blindly on a TV recommendation and been rewarded, or if you simply agree with some of my takes but suspect that “Chuck” isn’t quite for you, give it a shot tonight. The episode’s a little heavy on the show’s mythology, but there’s also a lot of strong self-contained comedy and action and drama — all the things that make “Chuck” so terrific.

you can read Alan’s full post now, and look for his full review of tonight’s episode later.

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