Oy. First Lipstick Jungle, now this from Daisy Whitney at TVWeek quoting Ben Silverman at a keynote at the NATPE conference:

“We don’t get paid for live-plus-seven, but every week we look at that and say, ‘We wish these were the ratings.’ So how do we monetize that?” he said. “There is a real disconnect between a lot of the reporting on the morning-of ratings report that drives so much communication on the health of the media business and specific shows’ health or failure. Things get labeled hit or miss based on limited information on their success.” read the rest on TVWeek.com

Ack. First, what pays the bills are the C3 or C+3 ratings — the ratings for viewership of the actual commercials, with three days of DVR viewing. We rarely get a sniff of those ratings but the whiffs we have gotten pretty clearly pointed out that there’s not much difference between LIVE ratings and the C3 ratings, and there’s definitely wouldn’t be much difference between C3 and C7 (if such a metric existed).

I’m not saying there would be zero difference, but for now close enough to zero that it probably doesn’t matter. The advertisers only want to pay for people who saw the ads fairly close to when they ran, and definitely don’t want to pay for viewers who don’t want to watch commercials!

Can’t say I blame them. But I don’t really blame Ben for trying. Lipstick Jungle’s LIVE+7 numbers are better than it’s LIVE+SD (same day DVR) numbers, but that’s no surprise since they stuck the show on Friday and only about a quarter of the viewers who watch via DVR watch it the same night.

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