I’d seen a couple of stories earlier in the day that the CW had pulled Blonde Charity Mafia from its summer schedule. It didn’t even seem worth mentioning on our site, but since I don’t follow show development much I had no idea it was a show about 20-something socialites in Washington, D.C.   It turns out, that the CW isn’t pulling the show because it isn’t any good, but because they like it.

The early fanfare about an upcoming edition of The Real Housewives that focuses on Washington, D.C. couldn’t have hurt how Dawn Ostroff  feels about Blonde Charity Mafia.  Next year’s The Real Housewives of D.C. generated quite a bit of buzz when it was recently announced. We  know Dawn loves that kind of buzz, even if the buzz doesn’t always translate to ratings.

But, according to Lisa de Moraes at the Washington Post, Dawn wanted to save it for the regular season when people are more likely to watch it.  See, she does care about viewers and not just buzz!

Word is Dawn Ostroff, CW programming chief, liked the six half-hours that have been ordered and knew that, in a summer run, the network could not really give the show the kind of marketing and support it merited.

So, instead of debuting July 7, as planned, “Blonde Charity Mafia” — or “BCM,” as it’s called in the halls of CW — is going to be held to run sometime during the official broadcast TV season

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