After repeatedly insisting it had no plans to do so, there are multiple reports today that the CW will be abandoning Sunday night programming and handing the night back to its affiliates.

Sunday night has been a debacle for the CW during the past two seasons. In 2007-8, who can possibly forget the Sunday line up of CW Now, Online Nation and Life is Wild. Oh yes, everyone. Then in 2008-9, the CW tried leasing the entire night to MRC Capital for their programming, but that deal imploded in November. One thing is certain, the CW won’t do worse on Sunday nights next season!

And yet another one of my April Fool’s predictions proves surprisingly close to the mark.

Update: has more on how/why this happened so quickly. Basically, when the affiliates understood that the CW was just going to continue to run old movies on Sunday night, they decided they didn’t the network (and their cut of the ad revenue) to do that many have already cut a deal directly with MGM.

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