Ellie and Captain Awesome on NBC's "Chuck"

As of 8pm EDT on Sunday night, The Hollywood Reporter is still reporting a decision on Chuck will not happen on Monday.

However, NBC will postpone the verdict on its two remaining bubble series: the quirky sophomore “Chuck” and veteran “Law & Order,” which looks to tie “Gunsmoke’s” record 20-season run.

Bill described it as Christmas in May.  But so far it seems to me it’s more like a blizzard of swirling snow than all the happy present unwrapping, and caroling.

Though Bill says multiple sources report that Chuck, Law & Order and Medium were picked up, unless he’s privy to reports I’m not,  technically that’s not true.  Multiple sources have reported that Southland and Parks and Recreation were picked up  and The Hollywood Reporter reports Medium has been renewed.  But even here there are counter reports that NBC has not made a firm decision on Medium yet.

Those are all shows that both Bill and I gave high chances of renewal.

We also gave a high chance of renewal for Chuck, but so far the sources for the  Chuck renewal as of this writing (5:15P PDT on May 3) are Nikki Finke and our friend Nick C.  I’m not sure I’d call that multiple sources, but I do believe both are passing along what they are hearing.

But people are hearing a lot of different things.  On Friday, Josh Schwartz sent out an e-mail to staffers saying a decision wouldn’t be coming on Monday, but nothing should be read into it and he seemed upbeat.

We’ve heard from Nikki Finke (and Nick) that a Monday announcement still would happen but a variety of other sources saying that the Chuck decision might not/will not come out on Monday.  We’ll know tomorrow!

Why all the swirl?   Up until all the decisions have been made, these things are works in progress and sometimes things change from moment to moment.  Also, I think it’s heightened this year because NBC is kind of a mess, and especially with Jay Leno taking the 10pm spot in the fall, more eyes are on NBC than normal.    And there is more even more disarray than normal probably because of the tragic and untimely death of NBC exec Nora O’Brien.

At this point, the odds of Chuck renewal still seem good, according to all accounts, and I really hope NBC will make the announcement tomorrow just to get it out of the way.  But while I’m not sure of much, I am sure NBC isn’t making its decisions based on what I hope for.  Otherwise Life would be coming back – and that’s something I gave a 0% chance of happening…

Update: Nick C clarifies in the comments below:

  1. Nick C says: CHUCK is renewed. I didn’t say we’d hear it on Monday. I said if BS is going for mass “good PR,” then they will. I’m under the impression the contract hasn’t been signed and a time slot has yet to be picked. This can all be tied to the death of their exec. I talked to someone who as a source couldn’t be better. I was told it was a done deal and it was all down to details. L&O is a done deal as well.CHUCK will be on in the FALL. Likely in the same time slot or Wednesday at 8pm.
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