cbarkleyI wanted to take a moment to cull out a couple of cable ratings tidbits separate from our weekly cable top twenty (plus much more!).

TNT can’t be happy with the results for its new show Trust Me.  Because the show focuses on advertising it is often compared to Mad Men.  But now it’s pulling Mad Men style numbers, which is OK if you are on AMC like Mad Men is, but probably not OK if you’re on TNT like Trust Me.  Last week in its first Tuesday at 10 pm airing, it averaged 1.053 million.  The previous week on Monday night at 10pm it drew 1.646 million.

So now TNT has a struggling Saving Grace, and a struh-guh-ling Trust Me.   TNT is also where Charles Barkley does basketball commentary and that reminded that Barkley who has done his time for his DUI,  and is starring in the Haney Project on the Golf channel where Tiger Woods’ coach Hank Haney tries to fix Sir Charles’ most bizarre golf swing.   It pulled 435,000 viewers last Monday (3/2) in its premiere on the Golf Channel, and I’m sure Golf is very happy about those numbers seeing as how they were higher than anything else on the network for the week.

What it really got me thinking though was, wow, Tiger going out in the 2nd round of the Accenture match play event (the second round was on a Thursday) really hurt exposure for the Haney Project.  Had Tiger made it to the last day, or even to Saturday, many, literally millions more people would’ve seen the Golf Channel ads for the show aimed at fixing Barkley’s swing than wound up actually seeing it.

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