Media Week reports on a new study:

When times are tough, people turn more often to local TV for news. According to a new study by Frank N. Magid Associates for Hearst-Argyle Television, 99 percent of respondents said they are turning to local TV news at least as much as or more frequently than in the past due to the troubled economy.

Conducted over two weeks in February, the study surveyed 2,500 TV news viewers in Hearst-Argyle’s 24 TV markets including Boston, Baltimore, Orlando, Cincinnati, Sacramento, Pittsburgh and Milwaukee.

Sixteen percent said they are following local TV news “more.” The only medium surpassing local TV was the Internet, cited by 17 percent of respondents. Newspapers, radio and print magazines trailed at 10 percent, 9 percent and 6 percent, respectively.

It’s unfortunate that the Media Week piece didn’t corroborate the data with any actual local news ratings for the local markets.  Real data exists, and quite often what people actually do is very different than what people say they do.

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