with the disclaimers that this is from the actress as opposed to the network, and that this is in a gosip column,  Ugly Betty actress Becki Newton says it is the show’s demise that is merely a rumor.  From the New York Daily News gossip column:

“No, no — it’s not going off the air!” the fashionable star told us at Martini & Rossi’s bash at the W New York. “We don’t know what’s going to be happening with the time slot, but we’re well into season three, and we just got picked up for season four. There was panic for no reason.”

I’m not sure the panic was for no reason.  Bill’s cancellation index has certainly had the show on the bubble, and not likely to be renewed for another season, and last night’s numbers weren’t anything to click glasses in celebration over either, however, according to ABC, despite that,  Ugly Betty did win the 8pm hour in its core audience of women 18-34 years old.  Will strength with women 18-34 be enough to save a show on the bubble?  Quite possibly.  We’ll see.

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