In a rare non-exclusive, EW’s Michael Ausiello writes:

Alex O’Loughlin just can’t seem to get away from blood. As has been rumored, the star of CBS’ ill-fated Moonlight is thisclose to signing on to headline the pilot for Three Rivers, a new Eye show about organ transplants. In Three Rivers, each story is told from the point of view of the doctor, the recipient and the donor. And with Carol Barbee (Jericho) writing the pilot and exec-producing […] Read the rest on

While we don’t root against shows once they are on the air, and while I know it’s selfish, I think I speak for Bill too when I say, “Please CBS, don’t pick up Three Rivers!”

Where do we sign that petition?

P.S. We wish no ill towards Alex O. or Carol Barbee and I certainly have no wish for them not to get steady gigs.  On the other hand I am loathing the potential comments from fans in advance, as well as antics from Barbee to whip the fans into a frenzy should the ratings not be good.

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