Ok, so I know I’m going to the Variety well often today, but man can not live by fixation on Dollhouse and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles ratings alone!

This might strike fear into the hearts of some Chuck fans who seem to feel its an either or situation and that any potential success of a new NBC show is the death knell for Chuck. I am a Chuck fan, but, I do not feel that Chuck‘s fate is highly tied (if at all) to Southland‘s performance.

I have seen the Southland pilot, and I enjoyed it and will definitely continue watching for a while to see what happens.

Though Variety wasn’t enamored with Harper’s Island, it seems to have taken a shine to Southland.

via Variety.com:

After 15 years masterminding “ER,” producer John Wells probably earned the first crack at replacing it, and he didn’t push the envelope premise-wise with “Southland,” an ensemble drama about the thin blue line keeping a lid on Los Angeles’ simmering melting pot. The crisp execution, however, has a decidedly elite-cable feel — a gritty, grainy show reminiscent of director Michael Mann’s work, with a touch of Joseph Wambaugh. NBC’s heady days of Thursday dominance are long gone, but Wells and company have delivered a cop drama with its own racing pulse, albeit for a network that’s uncomfortably close to flatlining.

At the show’s core, in the premiere anyway, sit a pair of patrol cops — fresh-faced rookie Ben Sherman (“The OC’s Ben McKenzie) and his world-weary, anything-to-survive-the-night partner, John Cooper (Michael Cudlitz).

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