from Variety:

Joss Whedon’s cult following is no secret, but he seems assured of attracting the faithful and little else with “Dollhouse” — a series that exhibits a kitchen-sink mentality, throwing in a half-dozen assorted plot threads that intertwine to create confusion. The writer-producer-director is clearly gambling on viewers to grant him time to develop this sci-fi concept, but the premiere’s unflattering resemblance to NBC’s already-axed “My Own Worst Enemy” — and its scheduling on Friday with the meritorious but low-rated “Terminator” — doesn’t bode well for enduring long enough to complete the show’s mission, whatever that might be. – read the rest on

If true, that’s bad news for Whedon, who has been demonstrably outspoken about his hopes of attracting more than his faithful following and reaching Joe Blow as well.

Kansas City Star TV critic Aaron Barnhart isn’t as sour on it as Variety. He wasn’t all that enamored with the pilot (other than how pretty the set is!) but says:

Having seen two more promising later episodes, I say give “Dollhouse” time. And in the meantime, enjoy the set. – read the rest on TV Barn

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