Brian Lowry of Variety reviewed this Monday night’s episode of Chuck and the review was good news/bad news.

First the good news:

Revisiting the show, there is a lot to like here, particularly the interplay among the three leads: Chuck (Zachary Levi), the reluctant secret agent with all kinds of top-security info downloaded into his head; Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski), the butt-kicking girl of his dreams; and John (Adam Baldwin), the steely operative who would just as soon wring Chuck’s pencil-neck to be rid of babysitting him

The bad news was pretty much everything else, from

The gimmick gets points for the old college try, but the ship for this second-year series appears to have sailed.


As for the 3-D, the results prove somewhat disappointing, as it often is when trying to appreciate the effect in a home-theater setting. Or maybe it’s just that those cheap cardboard glasses never fit particularly well over the prescription kind.

I’d already told Bill that every other experience I’ve had with in-the-home 3D (say as opposed to 3D at EPCOT or The IMAX theater at Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum) was a disappointment, so I won’t be surprised if he’s right.  BUT, I don’t wear glasses so I will have to see for myself rather than trust someone who wore the cheap cardboard glasses over a pair of prescription glasses.

The rest won’t cheer you up any either, but, if you must, you must.

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