Can a Twitter campaign and pointing people to buy a sub at Subway on Monday save ChuckChuck executive producer and co-creator Josh Schwartz hopes so.  From the LA Times Show Tracker:

In an interview at the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas, Schwartz said he had a good meeting with NBC about “Chuck’s” future, but he would not speculate on whether the show would survive. NBC, which is stripping Jay Leno across the 10 p.m. time period five nights a week, does not have a lot of real estate for shows like Schwartz’s that are on the bubble.

In the meantime, “Chuck” fans are taking matters into their own hands. According to Schwartz, there is a push on the Internet to get fans to go to Subway on Monday before the season finale to buy sandwiches in support of the show. Why Subway? Because the sandwich shop was featured prominently in a recent episode. So much for product placement turning off viewers. “It shows a real sophistication on the part of the viewer,” Schwartz said.

While I am a huge fan of the show, and understand that people want to do whatever they can to feel like they’re making a difference, fan campaigns don’t usually work out.  The only notable recent exception is Jericho, and the results of that were such that I can’t imagine any network being moved by a fan campaign anytime soon.  A million people could descend on Subway on Monday.  Heck, I might myself.  But I dont think it will make a difference.

40,000 of you showing up in the next 5 days to buy the Honda Insight that Chuck’s own Zachary Levi was the pitchman for during Monday’s episode of Chuck on the other hand…

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