Kidding! Any fan of Battlestar Galactica knows that it is neither being renewed nor cancelled. It’s simply ending. The second half of season four kicks off BSG’s final ten episodes. Since the first half of season four ended like seven months ago, the wait for the final episodes and finding out who the final cylon is has been lengthy eternal.

BSG is the Mad Men, The Wire and Damages of the science fiction genre all rolled into one. Completely slobbered on by critics, but actually watched by a relative few. As crazy as it is more people watch Gossip Girl.

The season premiere of season four way, way back on April 4, 2008 drew 2.138 million. That number includes anyone who watched on DVR the same night, but excludes anyone who watched later in the week. I estimate based on other data I’ve seen that a week of DVR viewing might have pushed the numbers for that episode to the 2.6 million range. But it’s just a guess because I never actually saw the numbers with a week’s worth of DVR data.

BSG probably has a higher percentage of viewers who have DVRs than any other show and it was the most DVRd show on cable in terms of percentage increase to its live viewing for 2008. While some of that viewing happens the same night, due to its 10pm time slot and being on Friday night, it’s easy to guess that a significant portion of the DVR viewing happens after the night the show aired.

BSG ratings have decreased fairly steadily since season two, but I’m guessing some former fans will come back for some of the final episodes, especially the finale. How many people will watch tonight’s second half of season four premiere? I’m guessing in terms of the live plus same day DVR viewing it will be very close to the 2.138 million the April 4, 2008 episode drew. We’ll know no later than Tuesday and perhaps as early as Monday.

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