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The CW thinks it might:

“We’re seen in around 94% of the United States,” says CW chief operating officer John Maatta. “With the transition, we’re going to pick up a bit more coverage.”

That’s in part because once analog TV is turned off, the difference between strong VHF stations and weaker UHF stations will be erased.

Also, local stations’ secondary digital channels will now be more readily available to over-the-air TV viewers.

Because the majority of CW affils outside the major markets are on UHF, that should give the network an overall bump. Ditto the fact that in several midsized markets, CW wound up on secondary digital channels in several markets.

In Cincinnati, for example, CW broadcasts on channel 12.2, the digital subchannel of CBS affiliate WKRC.

“In setting up the CW, we knew this day was coming,” Maatta says. “In certain markets, there was not enough analog frequency to go with a fourth, let alone a fifth, station. That’s why in some markets we went on the digital channel, and were carried by cable.”

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While my inclination is to think, “C’mon!!”  I wasn’t aware of the issue with the CW being on secondary digital channels in some markets.  Of course, that only impacts people watching the OTA (over the air) signal, and wouldn’t have impacted anyone subscribing to cable or satellite services.

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