You get to read my data influenced opinions on the future of broadcast prime-time shows every week. I figured we’d try a little Wisdom of Crowds (albeit highly self-selected) feature on the same subject. Maybe we’ll compare it in a prediction methodology face off at the end of the season (along with my personal pet peeve, retention!)

Here’s a list of every scripted prime-time show from ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and CW that’s not a stone cold lock for 2009-10 renewal. You pick the shows you think will be renewed to return during broadcast prime-time (cable network pick-ups don’t count!). You can pick as many as you want. Feel free to post comments explaining your reasoning. Here is a list of the dates when we will know the schedules for sure.

Sorry, but the traffic on this post caused massive problems on the site, so we’ve turned off both comments and new votes in the poll itself. Also, immediately after the site came back up, there were a half dozen or so comments on this post that ended up being given strange future times, and I deleted them so as not to cause problems with the post/site.

Update: Note from Seidman, to test out our server changes I am opening comments back up, but leaving the sham of a poll turned off!  

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