**Note there are some spoilers for Chuck and House in this post — now is the time to look away if you don’t want things spoiled at all**

First, we again apologize for the server outages, and I apologize for having to temporarily (probably until 2pm PDT) shut off the comments on Monday’s overnight post.  But am posting this to give Chuck and others who feel the need to comment a place to do it here.   Why not just leave them on with the other post?  The overnight posts get a lot of simultaneous views, that coupled with the commenting cause issues when the server is under duress. This post will not get as many simultaneous views!  Anyway…

I’m not a television critic, and I don’t even really fancy playing one on the Internet.  I don’t watch TV with an overly critical eye.  My general process is probably not that different from the average TV viewer — does it keep me interested and entertained?   Everything is on a spectrum and the scale  that works on ranges from “completely enthralled” to “I had to turn it off.”

Does Chuck usually have a lot of plot holes?  Oh yeah.  But I don’t sweat it.  I generally find it entertaining. And I found last night’s episode especially entertaining.  I loved seeing Chevy Chase and Scott Bakula.  In many ways the show is a complete homage to Chase’s 1980s movies like Spies Like Us and Fletch. For a variety of reasons I won’t bore you with, I actually thought it would’ve made more sense for Chase to play the role of Chuck‘s dad.  But I thought Bakula did an outstanding job in that role (and thought Chase played his role well too).

Sadly, despite being one of my favorite episodes of Chuck, it was one of the worst-rated ever, with a 2.1 rating with adults 18-49.   It’s still Chuck vs. the ratings bubble.

Heroes sunk to an all-time low, and coupled with Kings failing (and now moved to Saturdays!) NBC must be a little freaked.  Heroes hasn’t been keeping me entertained or interested and I now have about 3 episodes queued up on the DVR.   Heroes was a good performer for NBC, especially in the demos, but over the last months it is now merely an average ratings performer, though given all of NBC’s other shows, for NBC it’s still an above-average, though not great performer.

Finally, I didn’t really love or hate last night’s episode of House.  I thought it was OK.  And while I found promoting a web site on mental health and suicide prevention at the end of the episode appropriate, I thought the whole promotion (and the actual web page) at www.fox.com/kutner was tacky, and a dumb idea.

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