Ad Age reports Fox has sold 90% of its inventory for the baseball playoffs.  Thirty second spots for the NLCS are reported to cost $225,000 while the World Series spots reportedly cost $450,000.

Joe Flint at the LA Times reports that TBS is selling the division series first round spots for $125,000 and that the ALCS spots are selling for “upwards of $175,000.”   If the estimates are correct it is interesting to see Fox getting nearly 30% more for the NLCS than TBS is for the ALCS since there is at least a chance the relative ratings monster that is the New York Yankees will play in the ALCS.  In recent history, popular teams like the Yankees garner higher ratings when they’re on Fox than when they’re on TBS, but still generate great ratings for TBS.

Fox is definitely crossing its fingers that the Yankees will play in a seven game World Series.  The teams involved are important to the ratings, but longer series wind up being much more important than the match-ups.

Flint also notes that Fox’s current overall deal with MLB, including the weekly games and the playoffs averages $265 million and TBS’s pays about $104 million per year.

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