Definitely the best hockey numbers for a while and better than last year’s Stanley Cup final game 7.

via NBC:

8.2 MILLION AVERAGE VIEWERSHIP FOR WATCH USA-CANADA HOCKEY GAME ON MSNBC: An average audience of 8.22 million watched the USA hockey team defeat Canada, 5-3, nearly matching the best average viewership for a program on MSNBC. (Election Night Coverage, 8.23 million on Nov. 4, 2008).

The hockey game on MSNBC received a national household rating of 4.3, the third highest-rated program in MSNBC’s history behind the Democratic Presidential debate (2/26/08, 4.9 rating) and the analysis following the debate (4.4 rating).

From Fred Farrar in the comments (I can’t explain it since not even any single program had 8.23 million though perhaps some 30 minute period averaged that many?:

Interesting that NBCU is now claiming MSNBC had 8.22 million viewers for its election coverage back on November 4, 2008.

Here are the overnight prime-time Nielsen cable news numbers:

CNN: 12.30 million viewers
FNC: 9.04
MSNBC: 5.89

Update: an explanation of the 8.23 million via Media Week:

MSNBC’s Sunday night delivery marked the network’s largest sustained audience since it launched in 1996. On Nov. 4, 2008, MSNBC drew 8.23 million viewers with its coverage of Sen. John McCain’s 10-minute presidential election concession speech, which aired from 11:19 p.m. to 11:29 p.m. EST.

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