In this case the shouting is louder than the ratings, but still…

Someone wrote to ask what the ratings for MLB Network’s Intentional Talk were like.  Before getting into that, long-time readers know that both Bill and I are huge fans of ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption, and unlike Bill, I’ve been a big fan of Around the Horn for going on 9 years. But unlike Bill, I’m a bit obsessive about baseball, and I watch MLB Network all the time (love it!) and I have added Intentional Talk to the 5-6p Eastern DVR mix.

That puts me in a tiny percentage of the population who watches two hours of 5-6p programming on a daily basis Monday-Friday. Thank goodness for Microsoft Media Center’s feature that let’s me watch DVR’d shows at 1.4 times their normal speed and still hear the audio (and yes, Chris Rose and Kevin Millar sound even more helium-ish, but they sound that way anyway!). Also thanks to Microsoft for planning to continue to include Media Center in the upcoming Windows 8, despite the fact that I’m apparently one of the five people who regularly uses it.

I’m also one of the 5 people who regularly watches Intentional Talk.  OK, so it’s no Around the Horn or Pardon the Interruption ratings-wise, its most-watched episode last week averaged 71,000 viewers (by comparison Around the Horn’s most-watched episode last week averaged 954,000 viewers and the best PTI 1.2 million). But keep in mind that ESPN is in around 100 million homes while MLB Network is only available in around 56 million. l love Intentional Talk anyway (particularly the daily player interviews), but hey, as a Fringe and Chuck fan I’m used to watching things most people don’t, and hello…Microsoft Media Center!

Sure, Millar is a jackass, but he’s a lovable jackass. And particularly once ESPN ousted Jay Marriotti, their 5-6p hours is filled with lovable jackasses, too. I guess that makes me a lovable jackass lover. So be it! Anyway, my thanks to Rose, Millar, Hazel Mae and the IT crew for entertaining me for an hour every day, which through the magic of technology, minus the commercials and speeding things up by 40% only takes me about 30 minutes to get through. I’m a huge fan of MLB Network and not just IT, but also MLB Tonight, Rundown and Quick Pitch. Though I’m one of the few currently watching, it’s one of my favorite channels.

The highest-rated programming on MLB Network? Duh, it’s the live coverage of baseball games. The highest-rated program on MLB Network last week averaged 382,000 viewers from 7-10:43 pm  on Friday night where parts of the country got Tampa Bay vs. Boston and others got New York/Toronto.

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