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Update: with the Yankees three game sweep of the Twins, it’s now three out of four LDS series that have been three game sweeps.

First, the Los Angeles Dodgers swept St. Louis in three games and now the Los Angeles Angels have swept the Boston Red Sox in three games.    It is not only better for baseball fans to see series go as long as they can, it is much better for the network airing them too.

The markets don’t matter nearly as much as the length of the series.  Since TBS carries the NLCS this year, they’re actually better off to have the Los Angeles Dodgers advance as that’s the much bigger market (according to the Nielsen local DMAs, Los Angeles is more than 4.5 times the size of the St. Louis Market).

That the Red Sox, a much bigger national draw than the Angels, lost is actually more unfortunate for FOX which will carry the ALCS.  Though  a Yankees vs. Red Sox match up would’ve  featured two east coast teams, from a ratings perspective, its the best match up FOX can can hope for.

But a Yankees vs. Angels match up that goes 7 games would ultimately be much, much better than a Yankees vs. Red Sox match up that only went four or five games.

The Yankees are up two games to none in their best of five series with the Twins, and a win tonight would mean that 75% of the LDS games ended in three game sweeps.  That’s bad news for TBS.

So far, the only series guaranteed a game four is the Rockies vs. Phillies.  Unfortunately for TBS, that’s probably the match up they would’ve least-cared if it ended in a sweep.  But at this point another game is another game and TBS will certainly take it.

TBS is no doubt rooting for an NLCS featuring the Dodgers vs. Phillies.  That would be the exact same match up as last year for the NLCS.  But last year the NLCS was on FOX and that series lasted only 5 games as Philly won the best of seven series four games to one.   TBS had the ALCS last year which went all seven games as Tampa Bay defeated the Red Sox. This year FOX will have the ALCS.

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