The game averaged 29.8 million, the primetime (7pm on) portion of the game averaged 39 million viewers. The game was the second most-watched Sunday regular season game on FOX ever…

via FOX Sports press release:


Second Most-Watched Sunday NFL on FOX Game Ever;

Game Sets Several Other Milestones

NFL’s Game of the Year & Thrilling World Series Game 4 Combine to Deliver

FOX’s Best Sunday Night since 2008 Super Bowl

Driven by the highly-anticipated Vikings-Packers match-up which featured the return of Brett Favre to Green Bay, Sunday’s NFL National Game on FOX posted a huge 17.4/32 average household ratings/share, with 29.8 million viewers to set many impressive benchmarks for FOX Sports, including:

  • Ranks as FOX’s second most-watched NFL Sunday telecast ever (most-watched ever was 32.1 mill. on 11/12/95 for SF-DAL)
  • Ranks as the highest-rated telecast on any network since the Academy Awards back in February (20.6/31, 36.3 million)
  • Ranks as the highest-rated and most-watched NFL Sunday telecast on any network since12/9/07 on CBS
  • Sunday’s Prime portion of the telecast peaked at an astounding 22.2/37 averaging nearly 39 million viewers
  • Sunday’s game is up +26% over last year’s comparable 13.8/27 (22.3 million)

In addition, FOX’s NFL post-game show, THE OT posted a strong 9.8/16, with 16.6 million viewers to rank as the most-watched and second highest-rated telecast ever since the program premiered in 2006.

The succession of FOX’s NFL overrun, THE OT, MLB Pre-Game, and Game 4 of the 2009 World Series delivered FOX a fantastic 13.7/22 household rating for the night, averaging just over 23.3 million viewers, ranking as FOX’s highest-rated and most-watched Sunday night since the 2008 Super Bowl, and ranks as the highest-rated and most-watched Sunday night on any network since the Academy Awards back in February.

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