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Bethesda, Md. (Sept. 2, 2010) – Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic, the region’s leader in television and online sports coverage, has announced its comprehensive 78-game schedule of 2010 regional and national college football coverage, featuring the country’s top conferences, including the CAA, ACC, Big 12, Pac-10 and SEC.

The season-long coverage is highlighted by 33 live match-ups from the Big 12, Pac-10 and SEC and eight live games featuring the CAA. The network will also provide weekly encore presentations throughout the season featuring the most recent games from the region’s ACC teams, Maryland, Virginia and Virginia Tech.

Comcast SportsNet opens its 2010 college football schedule this week with Northern Illinois at Iowa State, which airs tonight, Thursday, Sept. 2, at 8 p.m. on Comcast SportsNet Plus. On Saturday, Sept. 4, three consecutive games will air on Comcast SportsNet, led by the “Arch Rivalry” between the Big Ten’s Illinois and Missouri from the Big 12 in St. Louis at 12:30 p.m.

The second weekend of Comcast SportsNet’s college football coverage is highlighted by the University of Virginia’s much-anticipated visit to Los Angeles to take on the No. 14-ranked USC Trojans at 10:30 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 11. That day’s line-up on the network also includes No. 16-ranked Georgia Tech, who play at Kansas at 12 p.m. and Wyoming at No. 5 Texas at 7 p.m. on Comcast SportsNet.

The network’s 2010 NCAA Football schedule also includes eight games from the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA), which are produced by Comcast SportsNet. Live coverage of the CAA begins on Sept. 18 with two games; New Hampshire at Rhode Island (12 p.m. on Comcast SportsNet Plus) and William and Mary at Old Dominion (7 p.m. on Comcast SportsNet). In all, Comcast SportsNet’s coverage of CAA football this season features nine different schools, including area teams James Madison and Richmond. An additional 11 CAA games will air throughout the season on The Comcast Network (TCN).

Comcast SportsNet is also the home for exclusive encore presentations of the region’s three ACC teams, Maryland, Virginia and Virginia Tech. The network will broadcast each team’s most recent game weekly throughout the season.

Several late-season Big 12 and Pac-10 match-ups are still to be determined and will be announced later in the season. Check your local listings or log on to or for program listings and Comcast SportsNet and Comcast SportsNet Plus channel information.

Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic

2010 College Football Game Schedule

Date              Time                Teams                                                                     TV

Sept. 2          8:00 p.m.          Northern Illinois at Iowa State*                                CSN+

Sept. 4          12:30 p.m.        Illinois vs. Missouri (St. Louis)*                                CSN

Sept. 4          3:30 p.m.          Jacksonville State at Mississippi*                            CSN

Sept. 4          7:00 p.m.          Washington State at Oklahoma State*                   CSN

Sept. 5          7:00 p.m.          Richmond at Virginia                                               CSN

Sept. 7          12:00 p.m.        Virginia Tech vs. Boise State (Landover, Md.)       CSN

Sept. 7          7:30 p.m.          Maryland vs. Navy (Baltimore)                               CSN

Sept. 11        12:00 p.m.        Georgia Tech at Kansas*                                        CSN

Sept. 11        3:30 p.m.          Colorado at California*                                            CSN+

Sept. 11        7:00 p.m.          Wyoming at Texas*                                                 CSN

Sept. 11        10:30 p.m.        Virginia at Southern California*                               CSN

Sept. 12        1:00 p.m.          James Madison at Virginia Tech                             CSN

Sept. 14        7:30 p.m.          Morgan State at Maryland                                       CSN

Sept. 18        12:00 p.m.        Iowa State vs. Kansas State (Kansas City)*           CSN

Sept. 18        12:00 p.m.        New Hampshire at Rhode Island*                           CSN+

Sept. 18        3:30 p.m.          Air Force at Oklahoma*                                          CSN

Sept. 18        7:00 p.m.          William & Mary at Old Dominion*                           CSN

Sept. 18        10:30 p.m.        Houston at UCLA*                                                   CSN

Sept. 19        1:00 p.m.          East Carolina at Virginia Tech                                 CSN

Sept. 21        7:30 p.m.          Maryland at West Virginia                                       CSN

Sept. 25        10:30 p.m.        Oregon at Arizona State*                                        CSN

Sept. 26        1:00 p.m.          Virginia Tech at Boston College                              CSN

Sept. 26        4:00 p.m.          FIU at Maryland                                                       CSN

Sept. 29        7:00 p.m.          VMI at Virginia                                                         CSN

Oct. 2            12:30 p.m.        Teams TBA (Big 12)                                                CSN

Oct. 2            3:30 p.m.          Villanova at William & Mary*                                   CSN

Oct. 2            7:00 p.m.          Georgia at Colorado*                                               CSN

Oct. 3            1:00 p.m.          Virginia Tech at NC State                                        CSN

Oct. 3            4:00 p.m.          Duke at Maryland                                                    CSN

Oct. 5            12:00 p.m.        Florida State at Virginia                                           CSN

Oct. 9            12:00 p.m.        Teams TBA (Big 12)*                                              CSN

Oct. 9            3:30 p.m.          Teams TBA (Pac-10)*                                             CSN+

Oct. 9            10:30 p.m.        Teams TBA (Big 12)                                                CSN

Oct. 10          1:00 p.m.          Central Michigan at Virginia Tech                           CSN

Oct. 12          12:00 p.m.        Virginia at Georgia Tech                                          CSN

Oct. 14          7:30 p.m.          Kansas State at Kansas*                                         CSN+

Oct. 16          12:00 p.m.        Teams TBA (Big 12)*                                              CSN

Oct. 16          12:00 p.m.        Villanova at Maine*                                                  CSN+

Oct. 16          11 p.m.             California at Southern California                             CSN

Oct. 16          7:00 p.m.          Teams TBA (Big 12)*                                              CSN+

Oct. 17          1:00 p.m.          Wake Forest at Virginia Tech                                  CSN

Oct. 17          3:30 p.m.          Maryland at Clemson                                              CSN

Oct. 19          12:00 p.m.        North Carolina at Virginia                                        CSN

Oct. 23          12:30 p.m.        Teams TBA (Big 12)*                                              CSN

Oct. 23          3:30 p.m.          Massachusetts at New Hampshire*                        CSN

Oct. 23          7:00 p.m.          Teams TBA (Big 12)*                                              CSN+

Oct. 24          1:00 p.m.          Duke at Virginia Tech                                              CSN

Oct. 24          7:30 p.m.          Maryland at Boston College                                    CSN

Oct. 26          7:00 p.m.          Eastern Michigan at Virginia                                    CSN

Date              Time                Teams                                                                     TV

Oct. 30          12:00 p.m.        Teams TBA (Big 12)*                                              CSN

Oct. 30          3:30 p.m.          Massachusetts at James Madison*                        CSN

Oct. 30          3:30 p.m.          Teams TBA (Pac-10)*                                             CSN+

Oct. 30          7:00 p.m.          Teams TBA (Big 12)*                                              CSN+

Oct. 31          7:30 p.m.          Wake Forest at Maryland                                        CSN

Nov. 2           12:00 p.m.        Miami at Virginia                                                      CSN

Nov. 6           12:30 p.m.        Teams TBA (Big 12)*                                              CSN+

Nov. 6           3:30 p.m.          James Madison at Richmond*                                CSN

Nov. 6           3:30 p.m.          Maine at Massachusetts*                                        CSN+

Nov. 6           7:00 p.m.          Teams TBA (Big 12)*                                              CSN+

Nov. 6           10:30 p.m.        Arizona State at Southern California*                     CSN

Nov. 7           1:00 p.m.          Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech                                CSN

Nov. 7           8:00 p.m.          Maryland at Miami                                                   CSN

Nov. 9           7:00 p.m.          Virginia at Duke                                                       CSN

Nov. 13         12:30 p.m.        Teams TBA (Big 12)*                                              CSN

Nov. 13         7:00 p.m.          Teams TBA (Big 12)                                                CSN

Nov. 14         1:00 p.m.          Virginia Tech at North Carolina                               CSN

Nov. 14         7:30 p.m.          Maryland at Virginia                                                 CSN

Nov. 20         12:00 p.m.        Teams TBA (Big 12)*                                              CSN

Nov. 20         3:30 p.m.          Stanford at California*                                             CSN

Nov. 20         7:00 p.m.          Teams TBA (Big 12)*                                              CSN+

Nov. 21         1:00 p.m.          Virginia Tech at Miami                                             CSN

Nov. 21         11:00 p.m.        Florida State at Maryland                                        CSN

Nov. 23         12:00 p.m.        Virginia at Boston College                                       CSN

Nov. 26         3:30 p.m.          UCLA at Arizona State*                                           CSN+

Nov. 27         12:30 p.m.        Missouri vs. Kansas (Kansas City)*                        CSN

Nov. 28         1:00 p.m.          Virginia at Virginia Tech                                           CSN

Nov. 28         11:00 p.m.        NC State at Maryland                                              CSN

Dec. 4           10:30 p.m.        Teams TBA (Pac-10)*                                             CSN

* – Live Game

CSN – Comcast SportsNet

CSN+ – Comcast SportsNet Plus

Schedule Subject to Change, All Times Eastern

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