Update: apparently from DirecTV’s point of view, it’s “Comcast pulls Versus off DirecTV“, more thinking on the topic here.

As we’ve been writing August 31 was the deadline for DirecTV and Versus to come to an agreement on carriage. With the deadline passed on the east coast, it appears there was no resolution.  I’ve received a few reports that the channel has been dropped from DirecTV and gives this message:

Versus is no longer available on this channel

The web site graphics for DirecTV and Versus have not been updated as of this writing at (9;15pm PDT) from what we previously noted.

Now the question is whether they will work something out, and if so, how long will it take?  My bet is it will get worked out before NHL on Versus starts in early October.  But I’d probably only be willing to bet $5!

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