Million-Dollar-Challenge-Pokerstars is debuting a similar concept to NBC’s Face the Ace (which briefly aired on Saturdays in primetime) called the Million Dollar Challenge with according to PR has  both a high production value and is in a highly preferred time slot – following the NFL on FOX broadcast. 

I’m not sure just how how cushy the timeslot is though, but I have a weird view of things being a west coaster.  Here, the show will not air after the game, but before it (from 12p-1p).

Big Shots: Titans at the Tee had been running nationally in the slot after the game. Last week’s 1pm national game on FOX averaged 19.33 million and the national post-game coverage that followed (which granted, had a duration of only 3 minutes) dropped to 13.37 million.  Big Shots averaged 1.42 million.  But that’s probably pretty good considering its primary competition: the NFL on CBS (that averaged 18.1 million).   Having a show that’s targeted at males that has to compete with the NFL?  That doesn’t sound like a such a cushy time slot to me, no matter how grea the lead-in is…

The airdates for Million Dollar Challenge (Sunday at 4:30 PM EST, and if you’re like me, other times in other time zones, so check your listings):

  • –          October 11
  • –          October 18
  • –          November 22
  • –          December 13
  • –          December 27

The show is also airing on these dates in Canada on Global TV.

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