Steve Sternberg says he watched every minute of the Winter Olympics. He certainly kept careful track of a lot of different things that are worth checking out if you’re interested in NBC’s Olympics promotion, advertising and programming time.

Not surprisingly, Ice Dancing and Figure Skating topped NBC’s primetime minutes. Skating has been the ratings attraction in past Winter Olympics.

Event Time
Ice Dancing 3:15:50
Men’s Figure Skating 3:09:50
Men’s Short Track 3:00:20
Figure Skating Pairs 2:46:55
Ladies Figure Skating 2:29:20
Women’s Alpine Skiing 2:24:35
Men’s Alpine Skiing 2:15:15
Men’s Bobsled 1:34:20
Men’s Snowboarding 1:25:55
Women’s Snowboarding 1:13:20

Lots, and I mean lots, more at The Sternberg Report

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