Kimbo Slice one his first official UFC MMA match last Saturday night, but the ratings were less than his first appearance on  “The Ultimate Fighter,” when he wasn’t yet officially UFC.   Slice’s fight with Roy Nelson more than a couple of months ago set records when it  drew 5.3 million for SPIKE.  But Saturday night’s match where the YouTube wonder that is Slice outpointed  Houston Alexander,  drew only 3.671 million.

On the plus side, while 39th in overall viewing for the week “The Ultimate Fighter” was 13th with adults 18-49 (1.947), but ranked much higher with the 18-34 (1.783 million) where it was second for the week on ad-supported cable trailing only ESPN’s “Monday Night Football.”

If you’re thinking, “Wait, that means less than 200K adults aged 35-49 watched the bout,” you’re right, but I guess the proper response to that is “so?”  Slice will fight on, and get more shots at besting his previous Nielsen mark on Spike.

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