I’m a big fan of the NFL Red Zone.  Do you have any ratings for that?


Manhasset, NY

I’m a big fan of NFL RedZone, too.  Unfortunately we haven’t seen any ratings for RedZone, and I doubt we will anytime soon, if ever.  I’m not sure the NFL subscribes to have it measured regularly and I’m not sure how many homes its even available in – NFL Network was available in 57 million homes as of October according to estimates, and the bigger cable networks are available in close to 100 million homes.

Since RedZone  isn’t available in as many homes as NFL Network, doesn’t sell advertising, and is only on one day a week, 18 weeks a year, it probably doesn’t make sense for them to subscribe to regular measurement.   But I’m curious about some of the numbers, particularly how much of the 7 hours of coverage the average RedZone viewer takes in.

Even as RedZone grows it seems unlikely the NFL will tout how many people are watching it.  The more people watching a lot of RedZone, the fewer people who are watching the network telecasts on CBS and Fox (which pay huge sums for NFL licensing rights) and the many commercials those telecasts include.

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