Our friend Michael Learmonth at Ad Age reports that CBS will haul in $37 million in advertising for March Madness outside of traditional TV revenue for the Men’s NCAA Basketball tournament.  The good news is that’s up 20% versus last year. More good news: it works out to be the as lucrative per pair of eyeballs as it does on TV.   It’s still tiny compared to the TV revenue which is estimated at $619 million, but 6% is three times as less tiny as 2 percent.

Cord cutters be damned, most people will watch March Madness the old-fashioned way. On their TVs!  And much of the online viewing will be people sneaking peaks from work, when there is no TV available and they should be working.

Still, it’s good news that whether people view the games on TV or online, CBS will get paid the same either way.

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