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East Coast Snowstorm Moves Two Games to Late Window Forcing Regionalization Changes

Severe weather on the east coast made for a chaotic NFL weekend, with the end result being solid ratings for the NFL on FOX’s WEEK 15 DOUBLEHEADER.

A massive blizzard forced 1:00 PM games in Philadelphia (vs. SF) and Baltimore (vs. Chicago) to be rescheduled for 4:15, giving FOX two early games and four late games.  The NFL on FOX REGIONAL GAME earned an 8.5/17 average household rating/share as the Atlanta-NY Jets game originally assigned to 24% of the U.S. was eventually delivered to 86%, while the Arizona-Detroit audience increased from 3% to 8%.

Later in the day the NFL on FOX NATIONAL GAME earned a 15.1/28.  The Green Bay-Pittsburgh game was originally slated to be seen in 90% of the country, ended up in 42%, while Tampa Bay-Seattle switched from 7% to 6%.  Scheduled to be seen by 51% of the country at 1:00 PM, the SF-Philadelphia went to 42% at 4:15, and Chicago-Baltimore, also moved from early to late, saw its audience decrease from 16% to 7%.  Yesterday’s regional and national games combined to average an 11.8/23, a +9% gain over last year’s 10.8/22 for singleheader coverage.  Season-to-date FOX is now averaging a 12.7/25 in the metered overnight markets, up +5% over 2008’s 12.1/24.

The rescheduling of the Niners-Eagles game made for a rare scenario in San Francisco, where 49ers and Raiders games went head-to-head, with 49ers posting a 13.9/38, nearly tripling the 4.7/13 rating for the Raiders-Broncos game on CBS.  This is the third time this year where two local teams have played games head-to-head, the other two instances being Giants-Jets head-to-heads in Week 3 and Week 8.

FOX NFL SUNDAY delivered a 3.4/8 yesterday, a +3% bump over last season’s 3.3/8, a solid number given that the re-jiggered schedule provided only two 1:00 PM games as a lead-out.  Season-to-date FOXNFL SUNDAY is up +3% in the overnights (3.4/8 vs. 3.3/8).

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