NFL’s new service to give coverage inside the “RedZone” (20 yards are closer to opponents goal line) will be offering a free preview  “freeview” this Sunday October 4, 2009.

The NFL marketing description for RedZone is:

Watching football on Sunday afternoons will never be quite the same with NFL RedZone, the new channel brought to you by NFL Network. Every Sunday afternoon during the season, NFL RedZone will take fans from game to game to see all the key moments, live as they happen on the field, in HD.

The important news here is that this will be available not just via DirecTV and will be available via Comcast, Dish and AT&T Uverse to name a few services.

I’d seen a few stories on the free preview this weekend, but none of them included cost information.  I suppose that’s likely because it’s priced differently on different services. I called Comcast to find out pricing, and to get RedZone you need to subscribe to an extra tier of sports channels that costs $5 a month that will include RedZone.   That doesn’t seem like a bad deal for hardcore NFL fans who don’t have DirecTV.  I’ll check out the free preview and go from there…

You can find more information at

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