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One in Five Viewers 18 and Older Watched CBS Sports 2010 AFC Divisional Playoffs Away-from-Home, According to Arbitron’s Portable People Meter Audience Estimates

30,000+ tabulated panelists represent the largest Away-from-Home football study in television history

COLUMBIA, Md., Jan. 21 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Arbitron Inc. (NYSE:ARB) announced today, that as part of a television study using the Company’s Portable People Meter(TM) technology, one in five Persons aged 18 and older who watched CBS Sports NFL AFC Divisional Playoffs last weekend did so Away-from-Home. Younger viewers are more likely to watch Away-from-Home. One out of every four Men aged 18-34 watched Away-from-Home.

“Away-from-Home viewing accounts for large portions of television audiences,” said Pierre Bouvard, EVP, Cross-Platform Services, Arbitron Inc. “ARB-TV currently uses 52,000 available panelists to look across 29 established PPM markets to see the impressive impact Away-from-Home viewing has on the total television audience.”

ARB-TV leverages PPM technology to measure Away-from-Home television audiences. The service is designed to improve visibility into Away-from-Home television audiences for media companies and advertisers.

NFL Teams Hometown Audiences(1)

Preliminary Arbitron PPM Television Ratings show nearly half of Persons aged 18 and older in Baltimore watched the Ravens-Colts*; One in four watched Away-from-Home.

Forty-three percent of San Diego and 26 percent of New York, persons aged 18 and older, watched the Jets-Chargers game. In San Diego, twenty-eight percent of the game’s Persons 18 and older audience watched Away-from-Home. In New York, 25 percent of the Jets-Chargers audience was Away-from-Home.

(1) Arbitron currently intends to commercialize the PPM ratings service in Indianapolis in September 2010.

Across the Top 29 PPM Markets

Persons aged 18+ Away-from-Home viewing added more than 20 percent to the in-home viewing audience.

                 Persons 18+ NFL AFC Divisional Playoffs:
                      Ravens-Colts, January 16, 2010
                                  Rating   % Away-from-Home    Lift(2)
                                  ------   ----------------    -------
  29-Market Aggregate                14.9
  -------------------                ----
  In-Home                            11.8
  -------                            ----
  Away-from-Home                      3.0               20.3      25.5%
  --------------                      ---               ----      ----

                   Persons 18+, NFL AFC Divisional Playoffs:
                        Jets-Chargers, January 17, 2010
                                        Rating   % Away-from-Home  Lift(2)
                                        ------   ----------------  -------
  29-Market Aggregate                      19.4
  -------------------                      ----
  In-Home                                  15.2
  -------                                  ----
  Away-from-Home                            4.1               21.4    27.2%
  --------------                            ---               ----    ----

(2) The percentage of Lift is the additional viewership realized from Away-from-Home viewing reported as a percentage of in-home viewing.

Men aged 18+ Away-from-Home viewing resulted in a 27 percent lift over the in-home audience for the Ravens-Colts game and a 28 percent lift for the Jets-Chargers game.

Men aged 18-34 Away-from-Home viewing adds 42 percent to the in-home viewing audience for the Ravens-Colts game and 39 percent for the Jets-Chargers game.

The Away-from-Home Audience Skews Younger

For the Ravens-Colts game: Men aged 18-34 represent 20 percent of the total Persons aged 18 and older Away-from-Home viewing audience versus representing only 13 percent of the Persons 18 and older total in-home viewing audience.

For the Jets-Chargers game: Men aged 18-34 represent 18 percent of the total Persons aged 18 and older Away-from-Home viewing audience versus representing only 13 percent of the Persons 18 and older total in-home viewing audience.

  Away-from-Home Television Estimates, Persons Aged 18 and Older

                         January 16, 2010
                   NFL AFC Divisional Playoffs:

  Market                                                  Percent
  San Francisco                                              30.3%
  San Diego                                                  26.8%
  Baltimore                                                  25.7%
  Sacramento                                                 23.8%
  Los Angeles                                                22.9%
  Phoenix                                                    22.6%
  Las Vegas                                                  22.1%
  Houston                                                    21.0%
  Chicago                                                    20.4%
  Cincinnati                                                 20.3%
  Portland, OR                                               19.9%
  New York                                                   19.9%
  Atlanta                                                    19.5%
  Detroit                                                    19.5%
  Philadelphia                                               19.3%
  Dallas                                                     19.1%
  St. Louis                                                  18.9%
  Minneapolis                                                18.8%
  San Antonio                                                18.4%
  Cleveland                                                  18.0%
  Tampa                                                      17.4%
  Denver                                                     16.9%
  Kansas City                                                16.3%
  Miami                                                      15.8%
  Pittsburgh                                                 15.7%
  Seattle                                                    15.5%
  Washington, DC                                             14.6%
  Boston                                                     14.2%
  Salt Lake City                                             10.8%

                          January 17, 2010
                    NFL AFC Divisional Playoffs:
                           Jets- Chargers

  Market                                                   Percent
  San Diego                                                   28.1%
  Dallas                                                      25.6%
  New York                                                    25.0%
  Phoenix                                                     24.7%
  Minneapolis                                                 23.2%
  Chicago                                                     22.8%
  Philadelphia                                                22.8%
  Los Angeles                                                 22.5%
  Houston                                                     22.3%
  San Francisco                                               21.5%
  Miami                                                       21.1%
  Salt Lake City                                              21.0%
  Atlanta                                                     20.9%
  St. Louis                                                   20.8%
  San Antonio                                                 19.8%
  Seattle                                                     19.7%
  Cleveland                                                   18.6%
  Detroit                                                     18.5%
  Tampa                                                       18.3%
  Sacramento                                                  17.7%
  Kansas                                                      17.0%
  Las Vegas                                                   16.7%
  Washington, DC                                              16.4%
  Boston                                                      16.3%
  Denver                                                      16.1%
  Portland OR                                                 15.4%
  Baltimore                                                   14.3%
  Cincinnati                                                  14.1%
  Pittsburgh                                                  13.8%

  *Includes Riverside-San Bernardino, a non-embedded market
  **Includes embedded markets (Nassau-Suffolk and Middlesex-Somerset-
  ***Includes embedded market (San Jose)

  Total Rating Estimates, Persons Aged 18 and Older

                          January 16, 2010
                    NFL AFC Divisional Playoffs:

  Market                                              Total Rating
  Baltimore                                                   47.9
  San Diego                                                   25.8
  Cincinnati                                                  20.8
  Washington, DC                                              20.3
  Pittsburgh                                                  20.0
  Denver                                                      19.6
  Tampa                                                       19.1
  Dallas                                                      17.4
  Sacramento                                                  16.9
  Kansas City                                                 16.7
  Cleveland                                                   16.1
  Phoenix                                                     15.7
  Minneapolis                                                 15.2
  St Louis                                                    15.1
  Houston                                                     14.9
  Las Vegas                                                   14.2
  Atlanta                                                     14.0
  Chicago                                                     13.6
  San Francisco                                               13.6
  Boston                                                      13.3
  Philadelphia                                                13.0
  Miami                                                       12.6
  San Antonio                                                 11.4
  New York                                                    11.4
  Los Angeles                                                 11.4
  Salt Lake City                                              11.2
  Seattle                                                     10.9
  Portland, OR                                                10.8
  Detroit                                                     10.1

                          January 17, 2010
                    NFL AFC Divisional Playoffs:

  Market                                              Total Rating
  San Diego                                                   42.8
  Pittsburg                                                   28.2
  New York                                                    25.8
  Tampa                                                       23.4
  Washington                                                  22.9
  Cincinnati                                                  22.3
  Denver                                                      22.3
  Baltimore                                                   21.2
  Kansas City                                                 20.4
  Sacramento                                                  19.8
  Philadelphia                                                18.7
  Chicago                                                     18.1
  Cleveland                                                   18.0
  Boston                                                      17.8
  San Francisco                                               17.7
  Minneapolis                                                 17.6
  St Louis                                                    17.5
  Las Vegas                                                   17.3
  Phoenix                                                     17.2
  Miami                                                       16.9
  Atlanta                                                     16.5
  Dallas                                                      15.8
  Seattle                                                     15.8
  Los Angeles                                                 15.6
  Detroit                                                     15.0
  Houston                                                     15.0
  Portland, OR                                                14.4
  San Antonio                                                 11.8
  Salt Lake City                                              10.5

  *Includes Riverside-San Bernardino, a non-embedded market
  **Includes embedded markets (Nassau-Suffolk and Middlesex-Somerset-
  ***Includes embedded market (San Jose)

Editors note: These are minute-by-minute audience estimates based on Preliminary Data and includes those panelists who docked their PPM by 4am of the same broadcast day.

About Arbitron

Arbitron Inc. (NYSE:ARB) is a media and marketing research firm serving the media – radio, television, cable, online radio and out-of-home – as well as advertisers and advertising agencies. Arbitron’s core businesses are measuring network and local market radio audiences across the United States; surveying the retail, media and product patterns of local market consumers; and providing application software used for analyzing media audience and marketing information data. The company has developed the Portable People Meter, a new technology for media and marketing research.

PPM ratings are based on audience estimates and are the opinion of Arbitron and should not be relied on for precise accuracy or precise representativeness of a demographic or market.

Arbitron Forward-Looking Statements

Statements in this release that are not strictly historical, including the statements regarding expectations for 2010 and any other statements regarding events or developments that we believe or anticipate will or may occur in the future, may be “forward-looking” statements. There are a number of important factors that could cause actual events to differ materially from those suggested or indicated by such forward-looking statements. These factors include, among other things, the current global economic recession and the upheaval in the credit markets and financial services industry, competition, our ability to develop and successfully market new products and technologies, our ability to successfully commercialize our Portable People Meter(TM) service, the growth rates and cyclicality of markets we serve, our ability to expand our business in new markets, our ability to successfully identify, consummate and integrate appropriate acquisitions, the impact of increased costs of data collection including a trend toward increasing incidence of cell phone-only households, litigation and other contingent liabilities including intellectual property matters, our compliance with applicable laws and regulations and changes in applicable laws and regulations, our ability to achieve projected efficiencies, cost reductions, sales growth and earnings, and international economic, political, legal and business factors. Additional information regarding the factors that may cause actual results to differ materially from these forward-looking statements is available in our SEC filings, including our 2008 Annual Report on Form 10-K. These forward-looking statements speak only as of the date of this release and the Company does not assume any obligation to update any forward-looking statement.

Source: Arbitron Inc.

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