Monday’s final numbers still aren’t available yet (processing delays due to Thanksgiving holiday, they should be available later in the morning) but in early metered market numbers, according to our friend Dave Walker at The Times-Picayune, in the local New Orleans market the Monday Night Football game pulled a 66.7 rating!  That’s 2 out of 3 households — or about 423,000 (households, not people) in New Orleans tuned into  the game.

Everyone loves a winner.  Monday night’s game eclipsed the November 2 Monday night game where the Saints defeated the Atlanta Falcons which pulled a 63.9 rating.

According to frequent commenter “Mikey” who has access to a treasure trove of data, in the New Orleans market, that eclipsed every Super Bowl ever!  Of course, if the Saints make it to the Super Bowl (whether they are 18-0 at the time, or not), based on the regular season ratings I think you can count on a 70+  But if they are still undefeated entering the playoffs, even the first round playoff game might get that high.

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