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Rick Kissell at Variety noticed that NFL football gets good ratings:

Pro football is this fall’s hottest reality show.

At the halfway point of the season, the National Football League has never been a more dominant ratings force.

Football has always been the “fall’s hottest reality show”. And broadcast prime time audiences continue their multi-decade decline. Ergo, relative football ratings vs. other broadcast prime time ratings improve every season!

And Rick jumps on the “It’s the economy” meme to explain football’s ratings increases this fall, and like everybody else, he doesn’t have any data to back it up.

Amid a troubled economy and high unemployment, Americans — many armed with their high-def bigscreen TVs — may simply be gravitating toward the best value for their buck.

Or it could be Brett Favre in Minnesota, or it could be two undefeated teams past halfway in the season, or it could be a lot of other things. Or it could be that it was Friday and Rick hadn’t met his quota of articles for the week.

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