Yes, that’s  Brett Favre standing on the 22 yard line, but it’s his own 22 yard line, nowhere near the “Red Zone.”  No matter, RedZone channel showed practically that whole drive well before Minnesota made it to the Red Zone.  In fairness, a few games were still at halftime at the time, but can it be long before we hear complaints of  “stop showing Brett Favre when he’s not in the Red Zone unless he’s fumbled or thrown an interception!”

I couldn’t be more in love with the RedZone channel.  Watching the games the old fashioned way means lots of commercials.  RedZone is exactly the opposite, there are no commercials and you are constantly pummeled with action.  Every now and then a commercial or two would be a nice break!

Though I understand completely why RedZone channel shows Brett Favre as often as they can (people definitely want to see him), it makes me wonder how long it will be before Fox and CBS start publicly carping about the RedZone channel.  Not enough people have it yet, so I doubt you’ll hear any public complaining this year or probably even next year.  But if I am paying huge license fees to the NFL as Fox and CBS have, and I need to sell lots of advertising to just put a dent in the licensing fees, I’m not happy about the RedZone channel.

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