Last night’s win putting the Vancouver Canucks into the Stanley Cup Finals likely has our friendly neighbors to the North cheering the return of a Canadian team for the first time since Ottawa in 2007.

Sadly, for NBCU its US TV ratings for the Stanley Cup Finals are in for a hit. A Canadian team means the the team’s local viewers will not be in the US TV ratings sample (the 2007 Stanley Cup Finals were the lowest rated in history), plus the Pacific Time Zone dwelling Vancouver’s regular season games were not easy to watch for hockey fans on the East coast (although the same could be said for San Jose) where most of the population lives.

All NBCU can hope for now is for the Boston Bruins to finish off the Tampa Bay Lightning to stave off what could be potentially historic low US TV ratings.

I’ll have a “guess the Stanley Cup ratings” post on the site once the Finals matchup is set. Stay tuned.

Posted by:TV By The Numbers

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