Multichannel News has a piece today noting that Versus had an average of 325,000 viewers in its first two post-Winter Olympics NHL games vs. an average of 283,000 for the previous 40 NHL games on the network. And they attribute it to a Winter Olympics “bounce”.

I’m always very leery about assigning cause and effect to ratings, particularly with such a small sample size.

I wasn’t able to figure out which two games the piece was referring to, maybe hockey fans can help me out. Were they two relatively popular teams? Or were the two games just on highly watched nights?

Update: Robert, who’s paying a lot more attention than I have been notes that Tampa / Philadelphia on 3/2 averaged 257,000 viewers and Washington / Buffalo (featuring both USA Goalie Ryan Miller, and Alex Ovechkin) on 3/3 averaged 235,000 viewers, so somewhere the numbers that Multichannel News has aren’t adding up. If the pre-Olympics average above is correct, there was no “bounce” at all.

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