Who does CBS want to win today?

It’s an interesting year where no matter who wins the games today CBS will be happy with the Super Bowl match-up.  While it likely has some preferences, none of the potential pairings would make CBS  cringe.

My guess is CBS is rooting for a New York Jets vs. Minnesota Vikings match-up.  In order I’m guessing they want:

  1. Jets vs. Vikings
  2. Colts vs. Vikings
  3. Jets vs. Saints
  4. Colts vs. Saints

You can make your own top selection:

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There are good story lines all the way around, but there is no question that regardless of the match-up, CBS wants the Vikings in it.  Brett Favre has been ratings gold this season.

If anyone wants to argue I’m nuts and CBS would rather have Peyton Manning and the Colts, you won’t get much push back from me.  I’ve got the Jets ahead of the Colts in terms of CBS’ preference  primarily because they’re in the biggest market and they have the rookie coach (with great sound bites) and the rookie quarterback.  Especially in a match-up with the Vikings that would give them Brett Favre + New York + Rookie Coach + Rookie Quarterback + Brett Favre playing against the team he played for last season.

It’s hard to argue with the Colts and Peyton Manning.  Even the most casual fan knows who Peyton Manning is.   The Colts were in the Super Bowl three years ago and of the last three Super Bowls it averaged the least viewers and the least homes.  It actually had a higher household rating than last year’s game but last year there were a few more homes with TVs than when the Colts beat the Bears in 2007.

You can check out our historical Super Bowl ratings to see the ratings going back to 1967

Comparisons across the last few years are tricky because 2008 had an undefeated team entering the Super Bowl and the New York market (and the most popular team in the New York market).   Some say last year’s record breaker in terms of viewers got a boost by the recession.

But I don’t think CBS can go wrong regardless.  If New Orleans makes it in, they have the story line of the Saints first trip to the Super Bowl and how much it means for a still somewhat ravaged post-Katrina New Orleans.

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