USA vs. Slovenia will air on TV  Friday June 18 at 10a ET on ESPN and Univision.

With the Olympics the USA has traditionally subsidized the International Olympic Committee with insane licensing fees and thus receives at least some consideration for event scheduling.  But that isn’t the case with the  World Cup.   Though it’s true the World Cup is not exactly the ratings powerhouse the Olympics is in the USA, it’s difficult to get viewing traction when games are airing at 10am ET (coverage begins at 9:30a), like the USA/Slovenia match this Friday, June 18.  It’s even worse on the west coast where the match will air at 7am.

Worse still  from a ratings perspective is that the final two matches in Group C (USA vs. Algeria and Slovenia vs. England), which may well determine which countries advance to the second stage,  a.) both occur at the exact same time and b.) are both at 10:00a ET on Wednesday June 23.

The good news for fans who have the day off is that every game of the cup is airing, so diehard fans with multiple screens or old-school viewers who merely switch back and forth can catch the USA/Algeria match on ESPN and Univision and the Slovenia/England match on ESPN and Telefutura.

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