With the catchy headline ” ‘Big Bang’ for Your Bucks”  Broadcasting & Cable’s Page Albiniak writes about the market for The Big Bang Theories syndication rights.   The expectations are high due to scarcity of big sitcoms for the syndicated market, but questions remain due to the economic climate.

But all predictions are that Big Bang will be the show that brings cash back. Industry observers say Warner Bros. expects to get at least the same amount of money for Big Bang that it got for its huge hit Two and a Half Men, in the neighborhood of $4 million per episode, including its nearly $800,000-per-episode deal with News Corp.’s FX, according to reports.

The article sites Seinfeld as the highest-priced cable exclusive, with TBS paying $1 million an episode, but TBS reportedly paid $750,000 an episode for both the rights to My Name is Early and The Office.

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