You constantly prattle on about Judge Judy.  If you love Judge Judy so much, why don’t you marry her?  Or instead, why not “Maury” her?  I mean, the fact is though Judge Judy does kick Oprah’s behind all over the daytime ratings when it comes to household ratings and viewers, when it comes to the demos, Oprah still kicks her behind!   And Judy is a court show, Oprah is a talk show.  Oprah does not kick Maury’s behind and Maury is a talk show.  Show Maury the love!

Mary (not Maury) in Topeka, Ks.

Ok Mary not Maury,  I will show Maury the love, but first,  the fact is, that Oprah did not kick Judge Judy’s butt in the key demos for the week ending August 1, in fact, with the exception of women 18-34, where Oprah did win by 0.1 ratings points,  Judge Judy won the rest (overall 18-49, women 18-49, and overall 18-34).

But if you like the talk show vs. talk show comparison more, there Maury has indeed been kicking butt.  For the month of July he bested Oprah outright in the major demographics, trailing Oprah only in viewers (where Maury was second among talk shows).  Maury had good growth versus last year, and Oprah didn’t grow but shrank.    For the finicky, it’s true Maury snuck in a few new episodes along with some best of compilations for the month, while Oprah was repeats for the entire month.   Still, number one among talk shows in the key demos for July is still…number one.

Here are some Maury rankings vs. syndicated talk shows for July 2010

  • Total Viewers: 3,171,000.   +23% (3,171,000 vs. 2,575,000) vs. July 2009.  #2 Syndicated Talk Show
  • Women 18-34:  1.5 Rating.  +15% (1.5 vs. 1.3) vs. July 2009.  #1 Syndicated Talk Show. 
  • Women 18-49:  1.5 Rating.  +25% (1.5 vs. 1.2) vs. July 2009.  #1 Syndicated Talk Show.
  • Adults 18-34:  1.1 Rating.  +10% (1.1 vs. 1.0) vs. July 2009.  #1 Syndicated Talk Show. 
  • Adults 18-49:  1.2 Rating.  +33% (1.2 vs. 0.9) vs. July 2009.  #1 Syndicated Talk Show.  
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