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TV Week has a story up on Oprah attempting to boost the summer ratings doldrums by having a contest:

In a bid to keep ratings up over the off-season, “The Oprah Winfrey Show” today is launching “Oprah’s Summer Giveaway,” a three-month -long watch-and-win contest.

The promotion, announced on Oprah.com, calls on viewers to watch summer repeats of “Oprah” in order to discover a Word of the Day. Once they’ve heard the word, viewers will be encouraged to visit Oprah.com, enter the word, and possibly win daily, weekly or grand prizes.

“Oprah” is partnering with Target, GE, Sony, United and Volkswagen for the contest. Among the planned prizes: Target gift cards; Sony Bravia TV sets, Vaio computers and video cameras; air travel; and GE appliances.

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We definitely understand about summer ratings slumps.  Our own readership plummets in the summer and if I thought giving away a couple of iPhones in the summer would help stave off the drops, I’d do it.  But I think we’d need to be giving away something a bit bigger.  Say a 55″ Samsung LED television!  If anyone at Samsung is interested in providing us with four of them (one for me, one for Bill and two for our readers) we’ll gladly promote the hell out of Samsung.

I used to be a television hardware snob and was pretty partial to Sony and the Pioneer Elite line.  But my first generation rear projection 61″ DLP set from Samsung is almost 6 years old now, and I have had nothing but a positive experience with it.  In fact, my biggest issue with LED and LCD sets is that screens bigger than 55″ are hard (if not impossible) to come by.  But anyway, I love Samsung!  But it’s not like we’d snub our noses at giving away a Bravia.

I know most of our regular readership doesn’t watch Oprah,  but I would be interested in hearing from the Oprah fans whether the contest will improve the chances they’d watch.  I think it seems about as likely to succeed as us giving away a couple of iPhones, but I could be wrong.

As for the non Oprah fans — LED, LCD, Plasma or, in the case of some of our hard core old school readers, 9″ black and white?

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