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  • Julie

    Getting really sick of finding new shows I really enjoy just to have them canceled so quickly. Love The finder and Terra Nova. I think whoever makes the decisions is as out of touch with the people as the politicians are. Stop replacing good shows with brain dead crap you call funny.

  • Diane

    Have been waiting all year for the new season of Terra Nova. Am VERY disappointed that it has been cancelled. Would LOVE to see it picked up on another channel.

  • LeaAnn

    I’m also tired of shows getting cancelled after only 1 season. While this dribble they call reality t.v. gets renewed year after year. I’m so tired of watching pawn shop owners pay people to come into their stores and cause a scene in front of the camera’s. Especially when they act so stupid you know it’s rigged. And these singing reality shows like American Idol, The Voice and America’s Got Talent. Need to just go away. I know that people are using these shows to jumpstart their singing careers but get a life people! I don’t want to be your talent scout!!! And I don’t care about your sob story!!! I’ve got my own!!! So please find some interesting t.v. shows to keep on and something that will last longer than 1 season!!!

  • AJ

    Terra Nova is or should I say was one of the most entertaining shows I have seen in a long time. I think syfy should pick it up. A lot of people don’t like FOX. canceling earth 2 and Terra Nova were huge mistakes.

  • Karen

    This really sucks waited all this time to see what happens in the next season only to find out it was cancelled Even though it had a slow start it really picked up at the end I especially liked sending the dino after the bad guys in the future with all those stupid reality shows out there that keep getting renewed why can’t something a little more interesting survive I’m sure ways could have been found to cut production costs

  • Bob

    I won’t miss this show.

  • Robin

    Oh my bug! My nephew, my nice and I absolutely LOVED TERRA NOVA! Here we are waiting for the second season and I just found out it was cancelled!!!! My neice & nephew cried when I told them. I have to admit I was pretty sad. I agree with the others… everytime a good show comes out, it’s cancelled in the first season. Prime example ie: Terra Nova,Missing,The River,Flashpoint & GCB to name a few.In order for the show to last it has to be on a Station that has SMART people running it like :ION television, USA, A&E,LIFETIME,DISCOVERY CHANNEL,TNT,Hallmark Channel,Animal Planet,WE TV,Oxygen, Spike & SYFY. Oh I really hope somebody picks up TERRA NOVA!

  • Harold

    Terra Nova was a great show. It`s sad how far we have fallen into the gutter when most of the shows that stay on tv have nothing but trash.

  • randy

    Why in the world is tera nova canceled I loved the show and cast I would love to see it back either here or another network.

  • Natasha

    This is why I quit watching so called “PRIME TIME!” They constanly cancel good series and continue running so called reality t.v. PLEASE WE THE VEIWERS ARE SICK OF THE REALITY PROGRAMS! But hey those in charge go ahead and continue to lose veiwers because you refuse to get a clue! Tera Nova was a great series and it was another disapointment you brought your viewers by cancelling it.

  • bob

    WTF!!!! Guess Ill have to watch some half wit reality show. Heres one how about honey boo boo thats the state of tv right there and every thing thats wrong with it.

  • Clayton

    I love this show! Take off some other show,and put TERRA NOVA back on.

  • samantha

    i agree why is all the good shows being canled bring it back on

  • dori diamond

    I don’t have cable or dish; I’m sick of the tribble that passes for entertainment and so watch Netflix instead. Fox made a poor decision in cancelling this series. While it’s not up there with another cancelled Fox series, Firefly, it’s still a good, solid series with not many “oh brothers.” I hope that Syfy picks it up!

  • Michael Rorman

    I agree with those in regards to shows getting cancelled to soon. I think I first remember it with Firefly. Recently I have watched Jericho and wished that would stay, then as a backup I watched Persons Unknown and thought not as good as Jericho but I would give it a try. Then I went through a phase of making sure a show had more then one season before I watched it. Then I saw Terra Nova as a recommended show on Netflix and was reeled in only to discover it is cancelled. I am on episode 8 and I feel like I have to ration my viewing to make it last longer. Television executives piss me off.

  • hery

    zzzzzzzzzzzzz .
    plssssss put back tera nova at tv i rly love it

  • alexandria

    i rly LOVE this show tera nova hope it can put bck a tv ?this shw is super nice

  • Sky

    Terra Nova is a show with a great and interesting plot to it. Sucks they canceled it for more idiotic shows. We want Terra Nova BACK!

  • Amy

    I am utterly disappointed. I flip through the channels about 5 times and then just turn off the TV. 90% of things on now are completely brain dead and unbelievably awful. I understand that it was expensive to produce, but cuts could have been made things could have been done to make it less of a risk. They sell cheap crap to us so they can make money. I’m sorry but I think I’ll put down the remote and just stop watching altogether. Terra Nova was great! I watched, I laughed, and I cried. Three of the best things a show could hope for. I now weep for a show that was better than the rest. I hope someday someone will get a chance to finish it. At the very least make it a book.

  • Ashley

    I really love tera nova and would like you to please start it up again. I got hooked on it from the first episode. I am dissatisfied that you stoped it. It needs to start up again some way or some how!!!

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