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  • Brock

    The Good Guys is a great show. It really deserved another season. I can’t see the stories managing more than 3 seasons but 3 solid seasons of this would have been awesome. I didn’t watch anything on Fox (lately) until this show. Its like anything positive and clever just gets axed these days.

  • Jeff

    Brock said it perfectly. Also, it seems to be that Fox is the main company that decides to get rid of quality programming (ex. Firefly)

  • Craig

    I’m just getting to see The Good Guys (I’m in the UK) and have loved every laugh-out-loud and cringy Dan Stark moment!
    So I check it out on-line and find out the genius Fox execs have canned it ages ago.
    I’m gutted!
    This is without a doubt the one show I look forward to watching every week. This show actually leaves you feeling upbeat! Shocking isn’t it?

  • tim

    bring it back. it would be perfect to return on fx

  • kennedy

    Boycott fox until the good guys is back on!!!

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